Hot Seat: Rigg Kennedy. Handwriting and Questions.

Here is a real person and his handwriting. Male. Age 40-50. Name: Rigg Kennedy.

Answer these questions before you go to the video. For best results, incorporate the questions and answers into a written "personality profile". Once you put things into words... you really get to feel how confident you are in your assessment. Plus, once they are in words, you often see contradictions. Written analysis are difficult and you should be able to write one with precision. Use this sample as an example. If you are working with a tutor, use these "hot seats" as practice and discuss with your mentor.

Download and analyze the handwriting on your own, before you watch the video or learn anything about the person. This is the true test of how accurate you are using your handwriting analysis skills.

  • Describe his sense of space and organization
  • Is he opinionated or is he afraid to express his beliefs?
  • Is he liberal or conservative politically?
  • Does he keep his home neat and clean?
  • What kind of choices does he make dating?
  • Does he prefer to date men, or women?
  • Does he follow rules effectively and efficiently?
  • Does he work well on a team?
  • Does he have more than one career or primary interest?

Here is a close up on some letters in Rigg's writing.

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