Kids Handwriting Analysis for Teachers and Parents

Yes, you can change all that with the ability to analyze the handwriting of your students and children. The how comes later.

As adults, we struggle with life, so also do the children, however, we have ways of reaching out to others for help and assistance or we have a background of life experiences that will help us, think of the students you serve and their day to day struggles, yes, they also have struggles and often no where to turn.

As teachers and parents we know that each child brings their own uniqueness to a situation. The question is then, how can we reach the needs of each and every child?

Handwriting analysis will open up new doors on how you see into your own children, notice their hidden talents, pre-screen them for learning difficulties, and even adjust your teaching style to their learning style. What’s more, you will leave each child with the feeling he or she is deeply understood and heard.

We have over 50,000 parents worldwide who have seen their kids benefit from the core curriculum which we are teaching in this unique “Kids Transformation Program.”

This is even more important when the child has to deal with two different households, meaning with one parent during the week and another parent on weekends.

These youngsters need additional help and support, and using handwriting, they can be helped.

I know how much you truly care about not only your own children but also the children you come in contact with while teaching. We can help you in working with the children who struggle in so many ways:

Maybe they struggle with...

• Self-esteem

• Being bullied by other students and friends

• Low-test scores

Each and every child has his own unique pluses and minuses, and with this assessment tool we can help you to understand their personal ‘secret’ language hidden inside their brain.

You know that each and every child has strengths but we often do not see the strengths or realize the child’s potential. Handwriting analysis brings to the forefront the strengths and talents of each child. Once we know this information from analyzing the handwriting, we can then set out to improve the child’s frame of mind and build up the confidence within the child to achieve the goals they desire or the goals you desire for them.

What an exceptional parent or teacher you would be if you could inspire each child in becoming a better leader, having more confidence in their ability, and achieving the skills they need to be successful. Yes, that also includes improving their grades. Just think you will have the ability and knowledge to transform the lives of not only your own children but also the children you teach.

Our online training program is all about the unconscious mind through handwriting analysis.

All that I have written to you in this letter is at your fingertips. You can make a huge difference in the lives of your children and the children you teach. After participating in our program for 4 weeks you will have a broad insight into the thinking of your child and the thinking of the students you might be working with.

This is the program that creates a solution for happier, well adjusted, and high achieving children. Parents desire this and teachers desire this but most important is a successful and well-adjust child who will make the life of the parent and the life of a teacher much easier and more rewarding.

Even if you've never studied scientific handwriting analysis, this class covers all the basics... and more.

What could be more important than giving the children a gift of understanding, self-esteem, and help them think like an achiever?

There are limited about of spaces in this unique class which was delivered live. So, enroll now on this page and save $421 in tuition.

The retail price for this class is $500. However, The first 50 Handwriting University members and subscribers get full access for just $79.

This tuition includes all access to the PDF download of the handouts and full video replay and audio downloads. You can download and watch offline.

Your Instructor

Doc Grayson
Doc Grayson

Doc Grayson was a school teacher for over 40 years and a handwriting analyst for 40 years. doc published his first book on kids handwriting in 1981. He is an Authorized Handwriting University trainer and frequent guest speaker and trainer.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Some courses sold by Empresse Publishing have bonus sessions which can be attended live or watched during the replay. Those select courses will make those live bonus classes very clear in the overview page. However, all the courses on here are complete and ready to start learning... on your schedule.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. While over the past 20 years Empresse Publishing and Handwriting University has offered and complied with a full one year guarantee on all the products we ship to people's doors. However, as the internet has changed the way people consume education, the credit care companies have strong armed us to shorten our guarantee... You can stand proud knowing that after 20 years of being in business with a generous guarantee... we have thousands of happy customers worldwide.
Does this class include a Certification?
Some classes offered through Empresse Publishing & Handwriting University do offer a certification for students that pass both the verbal and written test. However, because certifications are a statement of competence... not completion, all certifications are issued directly from the school always require additional work and testing outside of the teachable online platform to guarantee competence. Check with each class description to discover which classes offer certificates and which courses do not. If you fail to locate that information, call our USA headquarters.

Question: How old are the children you will be discussing?

Believe it or not, we will run the gamut from age 3 all the way through highs school. Please understand that we learn less information from a younger child than a high school student. We will look at drawings of early education children, then study how a child learns in school, and discuss conflicts that may occur in junior high school. Finally we will help your high school child find the best career for their talents.

Question: Can this really help my child?

Yes, it most certainly will help. But most importantly it will help you in understanding how your child is thinking and how to help your child deal with difficult situations.

Question: How many weeks will the course last?

The course is designed to last 4 weeks and will run one hour a week with additional time for questions at the end of each session. We understand the complexities of schedules and time so we pack a great deal of information into each session. We also will provide you with study guides to help you gain the most from your sessions.

Question: What if I miss a session?

Not to worry, with busy schedules it is understood that you may have to miss a class or two but we will have them available for you to watch on demand. You are not confined to the scheduled time, however, if you watch a replay, you won’t be able to ask questions.

Question: I am a parent and worry what if I put too much pressure on my child?

Please, we are only scratching the surface of handwriting analysis knowledge. We are going to give you ways that will help you for many years to come, as you child grows up. You will also receive a study guide to help you.

Question: I am a teacher and have 20 students will this benefit me?

Just the fact you deal with 20 students a day is enough to realize that this can benefit you greatly. What we talk about will help you in getting to know each of your students in how they think and why they act in a particular way. I am proud that you are concerned enough about your students that you are willing to give up your personal time to help them. Believe me, you will help your students more then you will ever know.

Question: I don’t have any children; can this be of benefit to me?

Yes, and it will. Handwriting is handwriting at any age, so the things we talk about for children are the same traits we find in adults. Just remember, that children don’t have the benefit of maturity that we have, so we tread a little lighter on some of the aspects in children’s writings.

Question: I am not a handwriting analyst will that slow me down?

No. We don’t expect to have many handwriting analysts attending. We will walk you through the information you need to know. We do hope this will interest you to become certified by Handwriting University, as you will then be able to do so much more in helping your child, yourself, and others.

Question: I am just a beginning handwriting analyst will this confuse me?

Not at all, welcome aboard. I think this will quickly broaden your knowledge of handwriting analysis. We would be happy to have you attend our sessions.

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