Class #1 of 8 Overview and How to Access Your Course - USA TIME ZONE

This is an overview class for all students and faculty to watch. It does cover key aspects of the content in chapters 1-5. However, this is a an important overview of how to use the online system, take the online tests, and manage the process of using the paper textbooks and paper test while also keeping track of your progress using the online 301 course.

This is an essential video for all students (Indian and worldwide) to watch before proceeding to the next live class. You will also understand the importance of using a call-in phone with a mute button or learning how to mute your own computer, if listening via computer.

You will also be show how the software works so you can chat your questions and interact verbally directly with the teachers without disturbing the class when you are not speaking.

Teacher Bart Baggett and Faculty.

Overview and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. of Walker's Book

Download video below. Running Time One Hour.

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