Personality Self-Evaluation

Personality Self-Evaluation

Rate yourself on the following areas of your character and personality. Instead of asking if you think you possess a certain character trait, we have written statements which contain an emotion or feeling. Just read the statement and evaluate whether or not you agree with that statement or strongly don’t agree. If you have had those thoughts frequently, then you would mark “totally agree.” If you never in a million years have that thought, you would mark “I don’t agree”. If you are somewhere in the middle, just mark “sometimes.”  

Don’t overthink it, just read it and check the emotion that occurs inside your body.

This is the first step in completing the PRISM Life Design assessment tool with accuracy. Once you are complete with this self-evaluation, watch the next video in the series and then schedule yourself into the upcoming workshop on this topic. We will review these questions and the common strengths and roadblocks which are commonly found in other clients. 

The result of this inquiry will give you insight into some of your strengths and might highlight any areas that could be improved or worked on in the coming month. 

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