How to Build Your Own Enhancements Chart in Your Google Docs Account

In order to "use" the enhancements process on a weekly basis, you first need to build your own or help your client build their own. Each enhancements "chart" is highly customized for each person based on their current goals, issues, and desires for long-term improvement.

You can SAVE AS to customize your own ro SAVE AS to build one for each client in the current year.

This video is a recorded tutorial on a step-by-step system for creating an "enhancement" chart in about 60 minutes with any client. Pay attention to the questions you ask your client (or ask yourself) and those answers result in your deleting or adding a line to the chart.

While this system could be done with pen and paper or Microsoft excel, I recommend using the Google Docs system because you can share the chart with each other (you and your client). This ability to update in real time and SHARE with each other creates another layer of accountability to the client... which forces compliance and engagement.

- Choosing Enhancement activities

- Assigning the appropriate points (weight) to each activity

- Keeping Score and Looking at Trends

- Starting with a template and customizing

- Coaching based on the score and motivating your client based on wins

- Rules for scoring. Always positive number score (+1, +2, +5) (never assign a minus number like -5)

Steps to getting this Google Docs Spreadsheet Template into your own account.

1. Confirm you have an active account. You must have a gmail account.

Go here:

If you can login, then you have an account. If not, create one now.

2. Go to this exact URL and it will open in READ ONLY mode. (You can't edit it, you are looking at our template).

3. Then, click the drop down menu under FILE and select MAKE A COPY

This is saving the sheet to YOUR OWN Google Drive! From there, you can share or edit the COPY, not the original.

The .xlsx document attached below is for excel users and will not be as convenient to share with clients. I recommend you use the google doc format and not the .xlsx file below.

Also, as a bonus, here is a TOTALLY blank enhancements worksheet in google drive (sheets) for 2023 if you want to start totally fresh. Also, there has been reports of some calculations in the first worksheet were a little buggy... so this might be your favorite worksheet to start. Again. You can't USE this one, you can VIEW IT. COPY IT, and open it inside your own Google Drive and start editing it for yourself or your clients.

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