How to craft the "Ideal Life" script.

The ideal life is based on John Assaraf's Living Life at the Summit process he taught me in his living room in 2004 at his house in San Diego, Ca. He went on to explain this process in his book "Having it All; Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams." I took his process and added in the dimension of recording my "ideal life" with specific present tense language and in my own voice. This process became what I call the 6 Minute Meditation. Now, after more than a decade of revisions and changes I make to my own script each new year.. this audio meditation is about 12 minutes and four type written pages covering every area of my life from finances, business, relationships, wealth, health, and even a vivid description of my ideal home.

This process can take weeks to elicit with your client and will be quite fun. One must remember that is a "present tense" glimpse into the future of what a person dreams and wants. The more your clients sees, hears, feels, and imagine that it already exists... the more your client's brain becomes accustomed to the unseen "vibration" of being comfortable having it all.

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