The Money Map. Thinking like an Entrepreneur and Charge for Results Based on Value... not time Part 1 of 2

The key to success in business is 3 simple processes for attracting money. Part one of this video discusses the "hourly mindset" versus the "entrpreneur's mindset." This is something you have to learn right away if you are going to sell packages to client for the Prism program and avoid the trap of hourly coaching, consulting, or counseling. This is a key element in your own success as a PRISM consultant. This same material is important for any of your clients who are making a transition from a real job to running a business. This mindset and pricing problem is the biggest problem for people in the coaching industry.

Video two addresses the fundamentals of marketing, enrollments, and getting leads. This simple three part "analysis" will be key for you to coach business owners and be successful in getting all the clients you want.

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