Booking Your First Free Speech. Motivation and Low Tech Path to Getting Booked. [Video]

Anytime you are starting something brand new,i t is natural to want to "get prepared" before you take action. In this short coaching conversation with Authorized Handwriting University Mentor Joe Braza, Bart Baggett gives an easy "script" to get Joe booked at local clubs and associations with just a few phone calls. Listen in now and pick up the phone tomorrow. You don't have to have a super fancy website or a super fancy speaker's kit to start giving free speeches on any topic (which you are an expert).

Also, around minute 5, Bart discusses some easy way to turn a free speech into a profitable event.

If you are not enrolled in the Marketing Mastermind program, you could be joining the conversation directly with Bart and the other trainers from around the world.

This video clip is a 7 minute portion of a 90 minute training call, which occurs twice a month live. If you want to get some top quality marketing advice for yourself, consider joining the Marketing Mastermind program today.

As of January 2018, it is now open to Authorized Mentors and Trainers who have graduated from Handwriting University's program. If you have full access to this site, you should already be a member or have access to this secret website. Call our office today to see if you qualify.

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