Another Perspective on the Origin Story by Sagi Shriieber

What is your scripted origin story?

This is an essential tool in creating conversions in your 90-minute lecture and your entire BRAND.

So, take 25 minutes and listen to this audio overview by a "new entrepreneur". The reason this is useful is that when you listen to Russell Brunson, you are seeing a multi-millionaire who owns a $100 million dollar business talk about helping entrepreneurs with software. When you listen to this guy, Sagi, you hear his struggle of trying to quit his job and take care of his wife and newborn baby. You will connect with the fact he is not an American, he is still not rich, his goals are moderate... not crazy rich. He just wanted enough money to take care of his family and quit his job. He didn't win a Gold Medal at the Olympics. He is a regular guy. He didn't know anyone on the "business". And, he tried and failed more than few times before he had his break through.

He summarizes the content nicely and you will find his original story a bit long and sloppy.... but useful. In the end, he summarizes it with precision. It's good to hear someone do it a bit too longwinded, not so perfect, and it a way that you thinking. "Get to the point, man."

However, in the end he still shares his story and a connection is formed.

Plus, the way he shares the original story to the ARC of a feature films is very insightful.

Think you can share your original story in one minute version, 5 minute version, and 20 minute version. Practice all three versions. If you were doing a TED talk, you would have to use the one minute version. In the signature workshop, you can use the five minute version, but not the 20 minute version.

Click on the audio link to listen.

And, if you want some help refining this and your other CORE stories, leave a comment and I'll invite you to special training for those members who are really really committed to serving better and higher. So make the most of your four KEY stories you will always tell during a 90-minute presentation.

So, leave a comment after you listen and tell me if you want to attend my special training this Sunday. This is a bonus session for those of you that are truly committed and will do the homework to find your authentic stories.

Source: Podcast #33 Sagi Shriieber - MP3 attached on this page.

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