The Application Only Certification Course Enrollment

Why Use An Application Only Enrollment Process?

In the Fall of 2020, we decided that the International Certification Course should move into the application only model, just like the Authorized Mentor program has been since its inception. This creates a higher perceived value and changes the conversation from SELLING the course to CHOOSING who gets the opportunity to attend the school.

This process utilizes teamwork within the community of Authorized Mentors in what is called a 2-part close.

Most people will want to enroll into the Certification Level Course until they have been nurtured through personal contact, watched an entire course or many videos. Then, they are WARM leads that can be converted. This is why we strongly recommend you get everyone to enroll into you weeks or monthly zoom 101 classes so you can build a relationship with them and invite them to apply to become a student of Handwriting University International.

More details will follow soon on the process and application.

For now, we want to you understand the magic of allowing the systems to sort through the thousands of cold leads and people will self-sort and reach out to call you, book a session, attend a meeting so you effort is only spent on warm qualified leads.

When you talk about the International Certification Course, just let them know you can probably help them get accepted, but not everyone is accepted. The course is part of the entire journey of becoming an Authorized Mentor, joining the family, and getting the opportunity to teach classes and earn money.

You should take the same approach with you one-on-one counseling and coaching. I don't work with everyone, submit an application to see if you are a good fit.

The most important part of this process is having real CASE-STUDIES and real video TESTIMONIALS of your happy clients. Start working on getting those together now.

Handwriting University will provide to you a 25 minute video of testimonials and case studies. That is a good start . However, they are also investing in YOU. So you need a series of videos too... about you.

What is an application funnel?

An application funnel is when you have prospective clients fill out an application form to see if they qualify for a product or service before you make them an offer. ... In other words, the added application step weeds out all those leads that likely won't make a great fit for a specific product. Plus, this create a level of tension that makes them feel like they WON something if you allow them to join. There is no more sales pressure, this is called Takeaway selling.

If you want to see the entire Application and Enrollment Conversation demonstrated, here are links to one of

Clickfunnels Founder and Expert Secrets Author Russell Brunson's life events. If these youtube video links are suspended or no longer active, reach out to me (Bart Baggett) and I can upload the mp4 files to this site. It is his intellectual copyright, so I want to be respectful.

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