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  認證教材第5章-字母大小與中間區域 The Certification Textbook Chapter 5 - Letter Size & Middle Zones

這是認證的教材,包含在線上每章節最後都有測驗。我們建議你讀完本章節後,立刻完成筆試。你不需要在章節後的測驗去分級別。但你需要完成所有21個筆試,用來評分。所以,在完成閱讀本章後,請完成章節測驗和筆試,同時可幫助你記憶猶新。 筆試必須親自手寫以自己的筆跡完成。

Here is the Certification Level Textbook which contains quizzes at the end of each chapter you can take online. We recommend completing the "Written Test" of this chapter immediately following reading this chapter. You do not turn in your end of chapter test for grading. But, you do turn in all of your 21 Handwritten Tests for grading. So, upon completion of reading this chapter, do both the end of chapter quiz and the Written Test while it is fresh on your mind. The Written Tests must be filled out by hand and completed in your own handwriting.

Chapter5 & Bonus.pdf