Derrick Watkins愛,性與關係的培訓 [影片] Love Sex & Relationships Training by Derrick Watkins [Video]

Derrick Watkins是一位多才多藝的高中教練,從事NLP的工作,筆跡認證專家與具有個人魅力的演講家。透過筆跡分析,你可以很享受從他挑選301級教材中,如何選擇良好的關係與避免不好的關係。你可以運用到自己的生活中,或是當別人的教練或輔導別人。這個影片強調在下方區域中的迴圈在關係與性中的角色,無論如何..你會發現他很快速的”堆疊”特徵,使人在戀愛關係進入正確的情境中。你可以在Derrick的網站http://derrickwatkins.com學到更多。

Derrick Watkins is a multi-talented high school coach, NLP practitioner, Certified handwriting expert, and charismatic speaker. Enjoy his presentation of the 301 level material on choosing a good relationship and avoiding bad relationships through the handwriting analysis. You can use this material in your own life or when you are coaching or counseling others. This video highlights the role of the lower zone loops in relationships and sex, however... you will notice how quickly he "stacks" traits to put the person into the right context of a loving relationship. You can learn more about Derrick at his website


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